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Current Conditions
Pictures of recent interesting projects - updated when you send new pictures
Webcam: Delta parts/shipping - live (password: hello)
Webcams: Delta, Edmonton, Calgary test bays (userID / password hello678

Currency exchange rates
How To....
  First aid procedures
  Frontier Safety Policies & Procedures
  Credit, money & banking:
  Branch to Branch Transfers Questions and answers about BBT's--often a confusing topic.
  Computer system how-to's:
Troubleshooting Having a problem? Check here for troubleshooting steps. This is updated every few days as new problems occur and are resolved

Everything else:
  Export Information Procedures for handling export shipments.. Includes how to complete the EPA forms for shipping engines to the USA
  Fax Me That Page of the Service Manual Sometimes it's a good idea, sometimes it can lead to disaster.
  Financial how-to's
  • A/R collection and bad debts
  • self-assessed PST
  • vendor prompt payment discounts
  • Deere electronic settlements
  • transfering money from CAD->US$ account
  • monthly journal entries
  • consolidate USX amounts
  GST exemption information More information is available in the vendor file under the vendor code "RecGen"
Provincial (BC/MB) sales tax exemptions for end users

our BC PST exemption certificate
our MB RST exemption certificate
  Insurance on customer goods. Have customers sign this form when they drop off equipment for repair. This informs the customer that they are responsible for insuring the equipment while in our shop.
  Logo usage. How to present Frontier consistently and professionally
Logos for all branches
Horizontal logos for all branches
Logos for our trademarked brands (PowerLine Generators, PowerTower Light Towers, Long Run Oil System, MudMaster Pump Units, Genesis Power Light)
You can also find logos in \\deserver\shared\logos
  Rental Vehicles. What deals we get with Car Rental Companies, what insurance coverage to buy.
  How to handle returned mail
  Teleconferencing & Videoconferencing instructions
  Trade Show Procedures
  Voicemail instructions for Delta & Calgary offices
  Frontier Warranty Procedures
Manufacturer's warranty: our obligations and expectations
Deere Service Administration

Kubota warranty claim procedures
MP Pumps warranty procedures
  Which Branch Gets the Sale? How to determine which branch should get the sales revenue from a particular sale? Here are the rules, simply laid out.
  Workorder Training Manual Workorders are the heart of our business, and involve every department. This is an attempt to clarify and simplify the process, so we can work together better.
  Labour Rates, Labour & Overtime Policies: Labour charge out rates, overtime policy (applies to everyone); Parts department afterhours callouts.
  Pandemic preparedness and planning - before and during
  Personnel Policy - everything you wanted to know about working at Frontier
  Profits - Where do the profits go? Why is it important to be profitable?
  Read the Fine Print! You are signing a contract when you accept a purchase order. Do you know what you are signing?
  We must be careful about liability issues. There are virtually no time limits on product liability. As you have heard, product liability lawsuits are ever-increasing--particularly in the US, but also in Canada.